Interview with Katherine Nelson

It hard to describe in words how much I adore this woman! Katherine and I met as young mothers with lots to learn and we were able to watch and uplift each other as we did just that … learn. I have always been impressed with Katherine’s willingness to allow God to direct her paths in life.  This […]

Who do you call for adoption advice??

Anyone who has adopted, has questions. Am I doing this right? How did you create a positive relationship with your birth families? Is this “normal”? Why is my child behaving this way? Have you ever felt this way? Do other people understand where you are coming from? At first, I would call my close friends […]

What brought you to Ahava?

I LOVE the intimate connection I instantly have with someone when they come up to me and tell me they have adopted children or they placed a child for a adoption or they have a loved one who adopts or placed a child. It happens all the time in my world and I LOVE it!! […]