About Us

Ahava means LOVE in the Hebrew language. Ahava Adoption Circles are gathering places for those who love adoption. We LOVE adoption!!

Meet our team!


I am Addie. I married my perfect match Jason, 16 years ago. We experienced loss (early in our marriage) as we were diagnosed with infertility and (then again later) through 3 failed IVF attempts and 3 failed adoption placements. Miraculously, Heavenly Father guided us to adopting our 4 beautiful and incredible children!! Life is good! Our family enjoys exploring, creating, playing, connecting and healing. Our adoptions have been closed, open and ever evolving. Jason and I have volunteered in our local adoption community for 11 years and never cease to be amazed at the LOVE offered and received in this glorious place. Come FEEL the LOVE!!


Hi There! I am Rebecca. I am what my family refers to as “boy locked”. Wife to the perfect man for me (Dan), and momma to two adventurous, crazy, fun, laugh out loud boys, and lover of adoption.  Our journey to parenthood took us through the surface streets of domestic adoption (I say surface streets, because they are filled with stop lights, crazy right turn only’s and speed limits not to exceed 25mph). We have found ways to enjoy the journey, and meet some pretty amazing people along the way. I enjoy traveling, trying new foods, and being with our families and friends. Welcome! Excited to get to know you better!



Hi, I’m Amanda. Wife to the handsome Jared, mother to three energetic, fun kiddos all brought to our family through adoption.  We have very open relationships with all three of our birth families, and love that adoption has expanded our family and hearts.  Jared and I have spent the past 6 years active in the adoption community hoping to help other families along their journeys.   In our home we are passionate about adoption, food, the outdoors, games, and each other.  We understand, like all others in the adoption world, that building your family through adoption is fret with highs and lows, despair and joy.  We just hope that as we gather together we can help strengthen each other along the way!


Jenn's  Family Photo

Hi, I’m Jenn, married to my sweet husband for 18 yrs.  We have been blessed through the gift of adoption with two amazing daughters, that fill our lives with fun and excitement!  Through the years as we have ridden the roller coaster of infertility and adoption we have learn so many valuable things and learned to deeply appreciate the miracle of each child that we are entrusted with!  We have deep respect, love and gratitude for our girls’ birth families and have been so grateful to be able to open up those relationships so that we now enjoy beautiful relationships with each of them.  I am excited to be a part of creating a community where we can share our hearts and experiences to strengthen each other in our journeys.

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