Favorite Moments

Each month we will be sharing our Favorite Adoption Moments. We encourage you to email your favorite adoption moments to us and we will post yours as well.

April 2014

February 2014

Extra Love


This month our oldest had to have pretty involved surgery that required a couple of day’s stay in the hospital, and keeping him away from his other siblings.  We felt so blessed to not only have our families come visit in the hospital, but also 2 of our 3 birth families come visit Max in the hospital and our third birth family helped watch our other 2 kiddos for a while during recovery.  I just feel so blessed that as we have adopted these kiddos, that we have been adopted into their birth families.  We are so very blessed with so many people to love and love us in return.

– Amanda


This last week we took the family on vacation to beautiful Southern California.  While playing in the pool, my oldest called to me (out of the blue) and said, “Will you take my picture and send it to C_____? I want her to see how big and happy I am!” My heart swells with love for adoption.



I spend some time this month getting to know a new adoptive mom who is going to America Samoa to adopt their first child.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to pay it forward.

As we prepared to embark on our journey 2 years ago to adopt Malia, I met with friends who adopted twins from Tonga.  I emailed another adoptive couple in Utah who adopted in America Samoa.  I talked to my dad’s second cousin who served as a mission president in Western and America Samoa.  I spend hours with Helen online as she helped prepare us to meet her on this small island in the middle of the pacific ocean.  When you have no idea what lies ahead, you start asking those around you who might know what you need to be prepared for.

I loved sharing my experience and helping this new adoptive mom feel ready and prepared for the scariest thing she has ever done in her life.  I love connected to brave soul embarking on the journey of their lifetime!  It inspires me to trust in God more, remember what he has done for me, and be brave enough in my own life to take the paths (risky or not) Heavenly Father wants me to walk down each day.    – Addie


Working Together

First Aid

Sometimes you need to sit on your mom’s lap and hold your birth mom’s hand when you need to have a little first aid.  Not the first or the last time Ashlee and I will work together for the good of our Max.  I feel so blessed that he has us both.

– Amanda






Get together!

veteransday 420

I love seeing my birth mothers. It feels like a celebration of LOVE! We update, discuss, listen and learn from each other. My children are loved by so many people. I pray they remember to let this love in their hearts!  – Addie





Annual Adoption Walk @ Liberty Park

My boys love to run and this year they won first place!! I love to honor our adoption heros!  And my little ones enjoyed the playing in the leaves. What a perfect way to start the day!!  – Addie

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